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Application of Polymer Bandage Splint

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For polymer splints, first prepare water at room temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius, and then select the appropriate model according to the lesion location. Sterile operation opens the package, takes out the splint and immerses it in water, soaks it for 4 to 8 seconds, and extrudes it 2 to 3 times at the same time. Extremely warm water hardening time is longer than normal temperature water, according to the patient's specific circumstances. What is the purpose of this? It can make the polymer splint absorb water evenly, and remove excess water by extrusion, so as to wrap up. After applying it to the affected area, it is wrapped and fixed with gauze bandage or elastic bandage.
First of all, of course, the preparation of room temperature water, doctors must wear disposable gloves or medical latex gloves, according to different parts of the selection of appropriate polymer bandage size. Then, put a cotton sleeve on the injured part.
If everything is ready, we can start! Open the package, soak in room temperature water for 4 to 8 seconds, and then squeeze out excess water. Prepare for winding! Two or three layers are wrapped around the fixed part, half or two-thirds of the bandwidth of each lap. Sichen Bonnie would like to emphasize that after winding with polymer bandages, the bandages should be shaped according to different parts, so that the bandages and the body are closely integrated, so that the surface is smooth.
Attention! It only takes 3 to 5 minutes, whether it's a polymer splint or a polymer bandage, it will harden and begin to bear weight in 20 minutes! Through the correct operation method, the affected area can be ideally fixed, the patient can alleviate pain, with the protection of the injured area.