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Characteristics and application of medical polymer bandage

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Medical polymer bandages have the following characteristics:
2. High strength (20 times of plaster bandage)
4. Good air permeability (normal skin respiration, metabolism, prevention of bacterial production)
6. X-ray transmission (X-ray transmittance 100%)
8. Green environmental protection (clean, dustless, non-toxic, non-polluting, skin sensitization)
1. Fixed the part and lined with cotton pad.
3. To throw out the surplus water, it is necessary to use one roll to open one roll, so as to prevent the hardening of the roll from being disassembled in advance.
5. Stretch the winding to enhance the interlaminar adhesion, but the winding should not be too tight, so as not to affect the blood circulation, and begin to solidify in 8-15 minutes.
7. When the bandage is damp, it can be dried by electric hair dryer.
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