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Bandage dressing technique

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Bandage dressing technique
1. The body position of the injured should be appropriate.
2. Placing the affected limb in an adaptive position can make the patient comfortable and reduce the patient's pain during the bandaging process.
3. Limb bandaging should be in the functional position.
4. The wrapper usually stands in front of the patient in order to observe the patient's facial expression.
5. Generally, it should be bandaged from the inside to the outside and from the distal end to the trunk. At the beginning of the bandage, two circular bandages should be made to fix the bandage.
6. Master the bandage roll to avoid falling. The bandage should be rolled and flat on the bandage site.
7. The pressure of dressing should be equal every week, and not too light, so as not to fall off. Neither should it be too tight to avoid circulatory disorders.
8. Except for patients with acute bleeding, open trauma or fracture, the local area must be cleaned and dry before bandaging.
9. Rings, gold bracelets and watch necklaces are removed before binding.