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Operating steps of splint fixing method

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Operating steps of splint fixing method
Choose suitable splints and cushions. (2) Local application of ointment to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, clear away heat and detoxification, relieve swelling and pain, dredge channels and collaterals, the scope of application can be larger, and the surface should be smooth. (3) After loosely wrapping the bandage for 4 to 5 cycles, the pad is placed in the appropriate place and fixed with adhesive tape. (4) Place splints and tie them with four straps. First, tie the middle two, then tie the distal and proximal ones. When tied, both hands wrap around each other forcefully for two weeks, then tie the knots. The elasticity of the tie-up strip is based on the ability to move up and down 1 centimeter on the splint surface.
Another method of fixation is to place two relative splints, which play a major role in fracture fixation, wrap them with bandages for several weeks, then wrap other splints with bandages to maintain the position of splints, tear the bandages and tie them up, or tie them with four additional bandages.