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Clinical precautions

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When moving patients, fracture displacement should be prevented. (2) Pay attention to extremity blood pressure when raising affected limbs. (3) According to the swelling of affected limbs, adjust the bandage tightness in time. (4) Check regularly and correct the dislocation in time. X-ray check twice in a week after fixation. If the fracture has dislocation, it is advisable to remove the splint and restore the fixation. _Regular review, replacement of ointment, two weeks after fixation, such as X-ray examination alignment is good, the fracture site has fibrous adhesion, can be traction dressing change and re-fixed, once a week until healing. _Guiding and assisting patients to do functional exercises, strengthening life care and preventing bedsores. _Removal of splints can be fumigated, massaged and other methods to promote the recovery of muscle strength and joint movement of injured limbs. _After reduction by manipulation or traction, external fixation with this method is performed. _The time of splint fixation should be after the fracture healed clinically. Three weeks after the fracture, the splint can be removed under traction and massaged locally according to the specific conditions, then fixed after moderately moving the joint.