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Instructions for the use of bandages

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The mesh bandage is a new member of the medical bandage family. It breaks through the traditional concept of bandage and adopts a new idea to design it. It fully applies the advantages of elastic socks to the bandage. The bandage does not need to go around and around again. Select a certain type of elastic mesh bandage according to the size of the fixed part, cut the bandage in proportion: (fixed part length: elastic mesh bandage === 4:1), and then according to the actual shape of the fixed part, finishing, like wearing socks, "wear" on it. Replacing the traditional bandage and reticulated tube, the nursing work becomes very simple, convenient and more efficient. It is very economical: the cost of material is only one third to one fifth of the traditional bandage; it can make the wound breathable and conducive to recovery; it is flexible and flexible, and can be attached to any complex shape, suitable for the care of any part of the body. Fixation of wound bandage in any part of the body, especially those parts where bandage is not convenient to fix. Applied in medical care, family self-help nursing, outdoor sports, field first aid, sports, post-operative nursing and various sports injuries, it has a great assistant therapeutic effect on sprain of limbs, soft tissue rubbing, joint swelling and pain, especially for the treatment of varicose veins and swelling control after removal of bone injury plaster, and can achieve a certain rehabilitation effect.